MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge

Event Format


We have had to change the format of the event at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances. We apologise profusely for this if it has affected you. The event will now be a single day event on the 8th of October, and will be an open pit lane day run in conjunction with Trackschool Trackdays.
The information below this bold section refers to the normal MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge, though is not relevant for the 8th of October event. Once again, we apologise profusely for the last minute change.
Entrants that will still be attending will be provided with a relevant refund.

The MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge is a track event like no other and has been described as a track day on steroids, not only because it is for two days, though also because of the varied types of challenges that cannot be found anywhere else.
This is not a normal track event!

The MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge is a two day track event and includes multiple track configurations and disciplines, including;
Please refer to the entry form for the exact details of which circuit configurations that will be used.

All events are timed and cars are grouped by class;
Drivers are required to have one of the following licenses; All vehicles will be scrutineered for safety, and unsafe vehicles will not be permitted on the track - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Drivers that are found to be driving unsafely on the track will get one warning only and will be sent home if they reoffend.

At the end of Monday competition, we will all retire to the cabins, which are located next to the track, for a BBQ, drinks, and to tell and hear big claims about the day.

Although alcohol is permitted on Monday night, entrants that overdo it will not be permitted to drive on Tuesday. A Breathalyser will be used, so be warned!

After the timed events on Tuesday, it is time for the traditional MR2 ghost chilli burger challenge at a nearby restaurant and some drawing of long bows over a schooner or three.

An awards presentation will be held back at the cabins after the ghost chilli burger challenge dinner on Tuesday night.

Circuit Layouts


Two groups are sent out at the same time for a one hour session of the Hillclimb.
This is a single timed run starting at the bottom of the hill climb located after turn five on the main circuit and finishing at the top of the hill marked by a white line across the road and traffic cones on either side of the road.
Once passing the finish line, drivers/cars must reduce speed immediately to 20km/h until being stopped by traffic control in the designated location downhill from the hillclimb finish line.
The traffic controller will hold up to 10 cars in pairs at the designated location before being released back onto the circuit to the hillclimb staging area located after turn 5 of the main circuit.
All cars will be permitted a minimum of 3 timed runs.
The fastest time achieved by each competitor will be added to their overall MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge score.

Clubman Circuit

Drivers are sent out onto the Clubman Circuit, which is held concurrently with the hillclimb.
Cars will be staged in the pit lane / dummy grid.
Drivers enter the track via pit lane (very slowly), with a hard right turn at the end of the concrete pit wall so that the Clubman circuit can be entered. Guidance will be provided on the day for first timers.
All laps will be timed, and the fastest single lap time achieved by each competitor will be added to their overall MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge score

Rolling Main Straight Sprint

Two groups are sent out for a one hour session of the Rolling Main Straight Sprint held concurrently with the hillclimb round.
Cars will be staged in the back straight prior to turn 10.
Each driver will have multiple timed runs starting in the main straight just beyond turn ten on the main circuit and finishing at the start finish line on the main straight.
Once passing the finish line, drivers/cars must reduce speed immediately and proceed back to the staging area in the back straight via the access road between turn 2 and 3, the fish hook and turn 9 to the staging area on the back straight.
The fastest single run time achieved by each competitor will be added to their overall MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge score

Full Circuit

The full circuit is much simpler, and cars exit the pit lane at speed whilst checking the right hand door mirror for traffic as the track is being entered.
At the end of each session, a chequered flag will be waved near the tower and cars will then drive a 3/4 cool down lap before exiting the track at the pit lane road at the start of the main straight.


The regularity event uses the full circuit with drivers attempting to do lap times as close as possible to a pre-nominated lap time. The driver that is the best at this wins! This is a great equaliser, as anyone can win - even the slowest car.

Hot Lap Shootout

The hot lap shootout operates on the full circuit and includes a warm up lap, a fast timed lap, and a cool down lap. All cars can participate in the hot lap shootout and laps start with the slowest car first (based on full circuit lap time from earlier in the day), and concluding with the fastest car.

The Toyota MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge track aerial view - full circuit